Silver and Golden Persians

      All Ballet Studio Images Done By Jessica Holt at Dalton Lane Photography

As a Persian cat breeder, I often get asked 'What made you decide to breed PERSIANS?!'I could write the often heard novel about how as a little girl I always longed for the beautiful coated, wonderfully pedigreed, huge eyed, gorgeous typey cats that I aspire to produce today (it would be the truth), but really, that's not my story. The truth is, there has just never been another breed I could fall in love with.; never another passion I could love more. High maintenance? sure... Worth it? I couldn't possibly put into words the resounding 'YES' in my head. When I decided, on top of it, to specialize in Silver and Golden, I knew  the road to success would be long, tedious,  and to say the least, a challenge; A beautiful challenge, and a labor of love.  The temperament of a Persian is undeniably unmatched, but excellent pedigree, pre-potent lines, amazing body structure and boning? All so important, but quite a tall order for a color class that is known for fine boning, and frequently lacking type. Of course I knew I had my work cut out for me; I never set out to be average, the need to excel and succeed is just part of who I am. So, this is where my story begins.. research on top of research on top of research- to find the best of the best to set a precedence for the foundation of mycattery . While I wouldn't say that I walked into luck ( I certainly had a rough start), I have had the extreme fortune to work with and be mentored by extremely dedicated and successful breeders who have allowed me to 'share' in their knowledge and pedigrees to get a start years ahead of many others, and the ability to create my own success by learning from and sharing in theirs. For this, I will be eternally grateful,  and THIS is,  for now,  'My Story'. I look forward to the pages I have yet to write, and the adventures I have yet to experience... but here is one thing for certain- this is who I am, and the cattery world? This is where i Belong. 

'An Incredible Opportunity'
My very first cat show: The North Atlantic Regioinal in Matamoras, PA., with Castlegate's Lilura- Owned and Bred by Barbara Bosco of Castlegate Cattery. As My mentor, Barbara Graciously offered for me to show Lilura to 'Learn the ropes' of the show world. She made some finals that day, and more when Barbara showed her the following day. The experience, with this exceptional girl, is one that I'll never forget. 
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